Throughout history the backpack has taking on many forms, but generally it consists of a fabric sack

carried on ones back, and secured on the shoulders by two straps. In essence, this simple design has carried on unchanged for millennia, and has proven itself time again to be a vital aid in the development for human progress.


For many centuries, the backpack has become a common feature among humankind. From its early inception hunter gatherer people had used them to carry equipment across vast plains in search of food, and in modern times, mountaineers have used them to carry vital supplies while climbing Mount Everest.

From our childhood, they’ve helped us along with our early development as we are thought how to use them to carry our books, too and from school. They have maintained a continuity throughout our adult life, assisting us in our daily lives, and becoming a common sight all over society.


It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the backpack. One thing is for certain, had it not being for this extraordinary invention, life today as we know it would have taking on a very different dimension.

Here in my own design, I have taking on a modern approach in both style and practicality. Infused 


with both a subtle sky blue, and a deep enchanting Royal Blue, this lively design offers a contemporary stylish appeal in looks, and character. Its material is made from a non-woven polypropylene waterproof fabric that offers a durable finish able to deal with the wear and tear from the hectic demand of daily life. 

Its straps are made from a carbon-fibre reinforced polymer, and combined with memory foam 

padding, they provide a snug fit around the wearer’s arms and shoulders. This unique semi-strapless configuration allows the wearer to smoothly slip the bag on like an elegant blazer, offering both a unique blend of comfort and style as the straps conform to the body. 

Both lightweight and durable, this backpack would be most suited for any student, sportsperson, or the city worker.